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Such a warm residence is worth building with quality!



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Such a warm residence is worth building with quality!

Such a warm residence is worth building with quality!

Such a warm residence is worth building with quality!

Such a warm residence is worth building with quality!

As the saying goes, people live in peace!
In modern living rooms, doors and windows are not only important decorative factors, but also important functional components. Because of the existence of doors and windows in our residence, we have the most basic sense of security and style of life! So how to choose doors and windows?
High-quality doors and windows can not only shelter from wind and rain, but more importantly, they can keep heat and heat insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, and beautiful atmosphere. From what aspects can we understand that doors and windows can meet the performance requirements of wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation, lighting, safety, etc.? Now I would like to share with you several key points that affect the five major performances of doors and windows.

01 Sealing performance

1. Corner sealing strip-integrated corner rubber corner

The sealing strip should avoid corner splicing, and the corner sealing strip should be designed as a 90-degree integral rubber angle.

2. Frame fan sealing strip-three seals

They are respectively the main sealing tape, fan edge holding tape and frame edge holding tape.


02 Anti-seepage performance

      1. Drainage——Outer windows are provided with drainage channels, drainage ports, and exhaust holes (air pressure balance holes) to drain the water accumulated in the window frame fans. A drain hole cover is arranged outside the drain port to prevent strong wind from blowing rain and dust into the window sash.
    2. The key parts of the heat insulation strip adopt C-shaped structure, which is on the same horizontal surface after being compounded with the inner and outer aluminum profiles to avoid leakage and corrosion risks caused by the accumulation of water at the heat insulation strip.
      3. Door and window opening size: The reserved structural opening should not be too large to avoid the hidden danger of leakage caused by the difficulty of sealing.
03 Safety performance

1. Gluing process: under normal circumstances, the corner code + wiping group corner glue process should be used

2. Group angle: Group angle is an important process related to the integrity of doors and windows.

3. Post glue injection process: adopt corner code + glue guide groove + glue hole + two-component glue injection + corner piece craft to ensure safe corner strength, which can easily lift 3 tons of heavy objects .

4. Glass crimping line: The glass crimping line should be installed on one side of the room to ensure the requirements of anti-theft, safety, and convenient glass replacement without leaving hidden dangers of leakage. To

5. Lock point: Multi-point lock is adopted. Improve wind pressure resistance and anti-theft performance of exterior windows

04 Insulation performance

1. Profile multi-cavity structure design: reduce heat loss and block heat loss channels.

2. Glass insulation strips (pimping strips): reduce the heat loss between the hollow glass and the profile, and improve the thermal insulation effect of the entire window.

4. The heat insulation strip adopts polyamide 66 (namely PA66, commonly known as nylon 66).

5. Glass warm edge strips: Warm edge strips should be arranged around the double-layer hollow glass cavity to block the heat dissipation channel of the glass cavity.

Attention to detail
High quality requirements
Create high-performance system doors and windows
Give you the most basic sense of security and style in life!




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