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The balcony is so beautiful, why do you only dry clothes



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The balcony is so beautiful, why do you only dry clothes

The balcony is so beautiful, why do you only dry clothes

The balcony is so beautiful, why do you only dry clothes

The balcony is so beautiful, why do you only dry clothes


The balcony is a platform for people to access nature. People spend more and more time here, and they are willing to put more leisure activities on the balcony.

A good book, a cup of tea, and a touch of sunshine will steal your life for half a day.



    Balcony decoration tone is very important and determines what functions the balcony can achieve. See how tonal people make good use of the balcony, not only can dry clothes, but also improve the quality of life.
The sealed balcony can make the best use of space and more choices. It can not only become a living balcony, but also a functional area such as gardens, study rooms, bay windows, and leisure areas.




       life balcony
       Balcony space is mostly used for washing and drying. Moving the washing machine to the balcony and transforming it into a laundry table is the most common solution.



      At this time, the balcony can be sealed, so you don’t have to worry about the rain that will get the clothes wet when you dry the clothes. You can choose to push and pull the window, and it is more convenient to dry and dry the quilt outdoors. A door with better sealing performance is needed between the balcony and the room.


【Shubiao 90 series sliding window】


【Shubiao 125 series sliding doors/windows】


In addition to the living balcony, what other functions are there?
       Balcony transformation landscape garden
     For flower lovers, growing flowers on the balcony is the best. You can put on a comfortable sofa, plant a few pots of eye-catching green plants and flowers, and spend a leisurely time with the family in the evening drinking tea and chatting together.。


       Balcony renovation small study room
       The study seems to be exclusive to a large apartment. For most families who have bought a small apartment, it would be wasteful to use a room exclusively as a study. However, it would be a good choice to transform the balcony, which is not very useful, into a study room.
In the corner of the balcony, a desk is placed on the wall, and a hanging cabinet is placed on the wall to form an open-style small study room, which saves space and adds functionality to the balcony.




       Relaxation area
       If there are two balconies in the home, then one can be transformed into a platform and become a space for children's leisure and entertainment. This has two advantages: one is the better indoor light, and the other is to increase the space of the living room.




       Balcony bathroom
       The balcony of the villa can be used as a separate bathroom, which is a coveted function.


       Connect the living room
It is also possible to connect the balcony with the living room, which enlarges the space of the living room, and secondly, the light from the balcony can enter the room better. Cabinets can be fixed on the balcony wall to increase storage space. Thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the living room.



      The small space of the balcony is more inclined to life, and the sealed balcony should consider doors and windows with better heat insulation and sound insulation performance to facilitate daily activities.










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